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3 Best Wetsuit Manufacturers in 2022


This article on the wetsuit manufacturers is vital reading whether you are looking for a short-sleeved wetsuit for a stay in the Canaries or a real West Coast steamer with 4mm; either way, this article has all you need to know about the best wetsuit manufacturers!

If you are planning to get a new wetsuit, but you have no idea where to start looking and who is the best wetsuit manufacturer? Then you are at the right place. This post will discuss all of the finest wetsuit manufacturers, as well as highlight what is currently trendy and what is not available on the market. This article is written for surfers by well-experienced surfers and it takes a snapshot of the best wetsuit manufacturers to see which wetsuit manufacturers are making waves, and which ones are bailing.

In the past, we have dealt with our share of wetsuits that were both overpriced and overrated. The experience of seeing a fresh rip in a seam that was meant to be double-stitched or of noticing water flooding in anytime you dive, or surf is frustrating. It is particularly true after shelling out $400 for the most cutting-edge technology available in the surf industry. That's why, we will focus on the wetsuit manufacturers that, in our opinion, are most deserving of the money you spend on their wetsuits.

Since the 1950s, when things first got started, there has been a significant increase in the level of sophistication of the fabrication of bespoke wetsuits. You can now get neoprene that is resistant to UVA and UVB rays, infrared light, double-dipping, and everything else you can think of! There has been an eco-revolution on a small scale, which has resulted in a large number of eco-friendly custom wetsuit manufacturers. In addition, there have been innovations in foaming, which means that you may now feel as flexible as a rubber band when wearing a 5/4/3 wetsuit in Alaska.



SeaSkin is one of the best custom wetsuit manufacturers, and they have a long history of providing high-quality custom wetsuits to some of the best surfers in the world. It is constantly at the forefront of the industry, producing new technologies and design details that may occasionally go on to completely revolutionize the way that we surf while wearing wetsuits. This helps it remain at the forefront of the market. Even though there are some off years and the wetsuits aren't the most durable (at least in our experience), the fact that they are relatively warm, flexible, and have a tried-and-true brand identity more than makes up for the fact that there is little room for error when it comes to purchasing one of these items.

Particular attention should be paid to the Drysuits product line. It is a mid-level steamer-type wetsuit that is available in all of the most regularly utilized thicknesses and functions really well in a lot of the locations that we like surfing, ranging from northern Europe to California. They have recently added new Drysuits to that collection in order to increase the thermal capacity of the products.

Even with all of these benefits, SeaSkin's most appealing feature may be the environmentally friendly nature of the whole product line. These custom wetsuit manufacturers use rubber that has been approved by the Rainforest Alliance and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Because every component is Fair Trade certified, your purchase will directly benefit the local agricultural communities further down the supply chain. Materials were used in the production of an astounding 68% of all SeaSkin fabrics for this season.

To summarise SeaSkin in a nutshell, here it is: Strong and reliable, but not really interesting. It may not seem very exciting, but when it comes to thermal sports clothing, it goes a very long way!



We understand being the pioneer in a field does not automatically confer superiority over others. Nevertheless, O'Neill is worthy of a particular mention on this list of the best wetsuit manufacturers in the world, if only for the lengthy and outstanding custom wetsuits. Our alone is reason enough for O'Neill to be included on this list.

There are a significant number of reasons for it. Jack O’Neill, the company’s founder, and creator launched his first product in the collection way back in 1952. It is believed that the wetsuit was invented in that year; thus, it is accurate to state that these wetsuit manufacturers were pioneers in their field much before anybody else!

Obviously, the technology used in O'Neill wetsuits does not look anything like it did decades ago. We think of it as a reliable choice that offers the prospect of excellent heat retention for sessions that are somewhere between short and lengthy. There is a possibility that it is not as long-lasting as we would want, but that is most likely the only issue we have with it.

Their Hyperfreak is the product that represents the pinnacle of these individuals' product offerings. It is a reliable winter potential that may go up to 5/4+ for the most intense workouts. It advertises that the essential panels are made from TechnoButter 3 neoprene, which lives up to its name by having additional flexibility and providing superior foam insulation. It also has a F.U.Z.E. chest zip, which we believe to be one of the best anti-flush fixtures now available on the market. This chest zip is ideal for those who have atypical chest sizes and want a zipper that is lenient when it comes to the entry of water.

O'Neill is also one of the best wetsuit manufacturers known for producing fantastic beginner wetsuits that are reasonably priced and won't break the budget. Check out the Reactor II wetsuit (which has a suggested retail price of around just $124.99) or the Epic wetsuit (which comes in at around $200) if you're interested in purchasing something that has good technology that will assist you in kicking off the whitewash and getting comfortable on the green waves.



Xcel wetsuits were born in 1982 in Sunset Beach, CA. They have moved its headquarters to Haleiwa in Hawaii at this time. They are the wetsuit manufacturers The end result is a brand that may not be kind to one's budget, but which pretty well nails everything with regard to the fit and the technology. For surfers with intermediate to advanced skill levels, we think they would be an excellent purchase.

The Drylock X and Drylock wetsuits certainly deserve the accolade that comes first. Even while these wetsuits will cost you back a large chunk of change (at the time of our most recent check, $500), they do offer more features than the most expensive model of Tesla. The inside is a signature thermal from Celiant Black, which extends up the limbs to capture the infrared heat generated from your own blood circulation in order to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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