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How long do SeaSkin wetsuits last?

You might have just bought a SeaSkin wetsuit, or maybe you're debating whether to buy one, and

you're curious about how long wetsuits typically last. Usually, wetsuits come and go with the tide

just as the tide does. SeaSkin wetsuits have the potential to be a worthwhile investment, and if

they are maintained properly, they can even continue serving their purpose for many years.

However, your wetsuit may not last very long if it is not properly maintained or if you use it daily.

The wetsuit may only last you for one season.

Continue reading to learn how long a wetsuit typically last and what you can do to help it last for

as long as possible!

How long do wetsuits typically last for steaming?

The type of watersport that your SeaSkin wetsuit is used for and the frequency with which you

wear it both have an impact on how long it will take for your wetsuit to wear out. The lifespan of

your SeaSkin wetsuit will last depends, of course, on how well you maintain and care for it. You

are going to want a steamer wetsuit that was designed to perform well if you are the type of steamer

who likes to hit the waves daily. It means that it will have an anatomically correct cut, a lot of

stretches, and seams that are of the appropriate type for temperatures in the water.

The perfect SeaSkin wetsuit for a steamer is stretchy, lightweight, and high-end. You can find

these characteristics in high-end SeaSkin wetsuits. Regular steamers are required to have wetsuits

with some degree of stretchability. The stretchiness and gentleness of the material used in high

end wetsuits reduce their overall durability. Their expected lifespan is typically not measured in

years. In most cases, this is a favorable compromise to accept. When looking for a wetsuit, you

should put ease of movement and comfort at the top of your list of priorities.

Due to the more durable and standard stretch neoprene, an entry-level SeaSkin wetsuit will last

you many seasons even if you only plan on using it a few times each year if you intend to spend

time in the water. Generally, low-quality wetsuits that are priced more affordably will have fewer

performance features, such as super stretchy materials and seams that are sealed off. Whether you

place a higher value on comfort and performance or on how long any wetsuit will last you is the

only factor that matters when selecting a wetsuit for a water sport like spearfishing or steaming.


Steamer wetsuits are subject to the same wear and tear as surfing wetsuits. According to SeaSkin,

the neoprene that is used for steamer wetsuits is different from the neoprene that is used for

general-purpose wetsuits because it is resistant to compression. This, in most cases, ends up

producing neoprene that is more long-lasting. On the other hand, similar to steamer wetsuits, the

stretchier the neoprene is, the more likely it is to become worn and torn over time. Because

neoprene can lose some of its elasticity and stretchiness after being stored for several years, if you are a steamer who only goes for steaming a few times a year, you may need to think about buying

a SeaSkin wetsuit that is more affordable. You will get your money's worth out of a SeaSkin

wetsuit that is soft and stretchy if you steam frequently.

Spearfishing and other endurance watersports

SeaSkin wetsuits designed for spearfishing or watersports can withstand a lot of abuse. To get in

and out of the wetsuits quickly for watersports, you often step on them, throw them on things, and

do just about anything else you can think of. In addition, these types of suits are frequently used

in watersports, which is a major adversary of neoprene. Neoprene is a material that is made from

rubber. Additionally, spearfishing wetsuits are made entirely of a smoothskin material, which

means that if you are not careful when putting them on or taking them off, you run the risk of

tearing your fingernails. Normal spearfishing wetsuits are more likely to tear than SeaSkin steamer

wetsuits because they are more stretchy and softer than wetsuits. Because getting in and out of a

spearfishing wetsuit during watersports typically requires a great deal of haste. Casual steamer

wetsuits can also have tears in the smoothskin area.

How well you take care of your SeaSkin wetsuit and how often you expose it to chlorine are the

two most important factors in determining how long it will last for you in the water. This leads us


Care & Maintenance of SeaSkin Wetsuits

Wearing gloves when putting on or removing a SeaSkin wetsuit is one of the most effective ways

to reduce the risk of rips and tears. On the other hand, you can repair fingernail tears on your own

if they are only minor. Taking the time to care for your SeaSkin wetsuit appropriately is one more

way to extend the lifespan of your favorite wetsuit. It is highly recommended that you give your

SeaSkin wetsuit a good rinsing in clean water and allow it to dry naturally after each time it is

worn for a session (out of direct sunlight). Washing machines and dryers should not be used at all.

SeaSkin also recommends using a shampoo designed specifically for wetsuits because it can

effectively remove chlorine, sand, dirt, and unpleasant odors.


How long do wetsuits last? In a nutshell, the application, frequency, and care that you give your

SeaSkin wetsuit can all have an impact on how long it will last you. There are also some wetsuits

available in the market that are only good for a couple of seasons, while others like SeaSkin can

last you for several years. The longer the life of your wetsuit will be dependent on how well you

take care of it and how little damage or wear and tear it sustains.

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