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Top 7 wetsuit manufacturers 2022

Today, we are excited to discuss some of the best wetsuit manufacturers who have been using less dangerous materials and manufacturing methods to produce wetsuits. Eco-tech innovation is truly gaining steam, with products like dope-dyed yarn and wetsuits made without neoprene.

SeaSkin wetsuit manufacturers

SeaSkin wetsuit manufacturers are one of the renowned pioneers of the wetsuit in the industry. This company has been providing exceptional wetsuits to aspiring and pro surfers for the last few decades. SeaSkin aspiration, which was to surf longer, made SeaSkin wetsuit manufacturers introduce various products for kids and adults. Plus, the full-body SeaSkin wetsuits are what most professional athletes consider for competitions because SeaSkin uses quality materials.

The wetsuit series never fails to please any customer because they all enable optimum stretch throughout any aquatic activity. Each wetsuit manufactured by SeaSkin wetsuit manufacturers use a unique stitching process, giving clients options when deciding which item is best for them.

SeaSkin wetsuit manufacturers use UltraFlex, which ensures durability and flexibility during any movement. For optimal performance, you should be able to freely move your arms and legs. Aside from the main wetsuit material, it also has other zip methods.

SeaSkin wetsuit manufacturers use modern technology in its construction to ensure that each wetsuit delivers an extraordinarily lightweight advantage for comfort, giving consumers the sense of being naked even when wearing one for longer periods of time.

Polygon Black

The Polygon Black freediving suit jacket is comprised of black 5mm open cell neoprene. The open-cell method provides good thermal insulation since each neoprene cell adheres to the skin, substantially minimizing water entry.

Indigo is the foundation color chosen for the new polygonal pattern produced on the Polygon Black neoprene wetsuit. According to research, fish can perceive UV rays, and because indigo is the least reflective and most UV-absorbing color, it was chosen as the basic color for this new suit. With this wetsuit, you will be able to fish without being seen underwater!

Polygon spearfishing wetsuit makers are not only revolutionary in their design, but also in their fit, thanks to their comfortable preformed cut.

When loading a speargun, the non-slip chest pad with a 6mm thick neoprene "shock absorber" inside is useful.

Because of its exceptional elasticity and heat qualities, the compression-resistant open-cell material also aids in breathing. Freediving will be easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

The following are the primary benefits of wearing Polygon spearfishing wetsuits:

  • A camouflage pattern with indigo panels to make a spearfisher's profile"invisible"
  • A preformed cut that assures exceptional comfort andfit
  • Open cell material with outstanding elasticity, good thermal qualities, and compressive strength
  • A non-slip chest reinforcing pad with a 6mm neoprene internal shockabsorber


Founded in Australia in 1996, Torelli spearfishing wetsuit manufacturers are dedicated to providing the finest quality spearfishing equipment for recreational and competition spearfishermen. Spearfishing-related gear produced by spearfishing wetsuit manufacturers is so highly regarded and also supplied to commercial diving industries. With the launch of Torelli International in 2011, spearfishermen and divers worldwide can now experience the professional performance of Australia’s best spearfishing and diving gear was founded in Australia in 1996. Torelli spearfishing wetsuit manufacturers provide the finest quality spearfishing equipment for recreational and competition spearfishermen. Spearfishermen and divers worldwide can now experience the high-quality gear produced by these spearfishing wetsuit manufacturers.

This attention to detail makes their spearfishing gear number one for reliability and why it’s used by Australian spearfishing champions who demand precision and consistent performance no matter what the ocean throws at them.


BlueSeventy triathlon wetsuit makers Direct Innovations was formed in 1993. Surprisingly, the company's first product was not a wetsuit, but rather bike seat coverings. However, the firm is recognised with producing one of the world's first triathlon wetsuits and even went on to become the official wetsuit of the Ironman Triathlon, after which it changed its name to Ironman Wetsuits. BlueSeventy was renamed in 2005.

Today, these triathlon wetsuit manufacturers' products are sought after and used by Olympic medalists, world champion swimmers, Ironman champions, and a slew of other professional athletes. Some of their best-selling items are the Helix Triathlon men's wetsuit, the Nero TX Women's Knee skin tech suit, and the Nero TX Men's Jammer.

Orca Sports

Orca Sports is a 24-year-old company that makes a wide variety of high-performance sports gear, with its prime focus on the triathlon arena. Orca triathlon wetsuit manufacturers were founded by former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth in 1992.

Unsworth observed that traditional wetsuits used by athletes were not suitable for swimming. His desire to build better and quicker wetsuits than those available prompted him to found Orca, which is today a well-known triathlon wetsuit manufacturing brand among both professional and amateur triathletes.

Although these triathlon wetsuit manufacturers make a range of sports apparel and accessories, it’s their triathlon gear that has won them worldwide recognition.

Zone3 Wetsuits

One of the new entrants into the market of triathlon wetsuit manufacturers, Zone3 was started by former elite athlete James Lock in 2007. What began as his journey to support his own triathlon career by designing products that would improve his performance soon took the shape of an international brand in wetsuits, tri apparel, swimwear, cycle wear, and accessories.

Zoot Sports Wetsuits

Zoot Sports triathlon wetsuit manufacturers are the global leader in endurance sports apparel that range across wetsuits (that’s how they term their wetsuits), footwear, and accessories. Their line of performance products covers an athlete’s needs from start to finish. From caps to shoes, Zoot Sports is manufacturing the most technologically comprehensive and advanced line of endurance sports products.

Products made by triathlon wetsuit manufacturers cover a host of sports including triathlon, running, cycling, and swimming, and include complete wetsuits including tops, bottoms, jackets, warmers, gloves, socks, hoods, boots, impact vests, life vests.

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