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Two Piece Spearfishing Wetsuit Mens

Two Piece Spearfishing Wetsuit Mens

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Wholesale the two piece spearfishing wetsuit mens in 3.5mm is printed with a custom camo design so you can get the most stealth when hunting. It's a high-performing spearfishing wetsuit with super stretch open cell eco-friendly Yamamoto CR neoprene which fits like a second skin. Get quote now !

10% Nylon, 90% Neoprene

Thickness: 3.5mm
Neoprene: Yamamoto#39
External: Recycled 4-way super stretch fabric
Internal: Open cell
Seams: GBS (Triple-glued and blindstitched )
Styles: Two piece - hooded jacket with high waist pant
Padding: Supratex loading pad, elbow pads and knee pads

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